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Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is the "pre-lake cabin" weekend view. The Monday night stitch group have been invited to spend Sat. and overnight at a "cabin" on Lake Gaston in NC. I"m thinking I'll work on this the whole time---only 2 colors makes for lots of time to talk. So I wanted to post it and will hopefully have completed a remarkable amount over sat/sun--time will tell! Lovely weekend to you all.


  1. Have an awesome time with your stitch group! I know I always do when I get together with mine :^)

  2. I absolutely LOVE Lake Gaston!! Used to go on retreats with my women's group there, till they sold the cabin... Have a great time stitching! You have done beautifully already! Hugs.

  3. Just stunning!
    Have a great time with your stitchy group.

  4. Just gorgeous!!! I love the color combination!! Will look forward to more progress....Faye