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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

for all you snowbirds up north

After receiving the email from my brother talking about trying to move snow in Chicago, I thought I 'd send you all a cheery little promise of things to come...almost 70 in Raleigh today...


  1. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing the pretty pic :^) Lots of snow here too in South-Western Ontario, Canada.

  2. Beautiful picture and thanks for rubbing it in! :O) Enjoy your beautiful weather, I'll have to keep dreaming for a while yet! Deb

  3. I am one of the "snow birds" in Massachusetts, where we have had record snow this year. Last week, one news report said that, this year, we had exceeded the record snow for the entire winter of 1899!
    Thank you for a lovely little peek of spring flowers, which may be a while before we see them peeking through the ground...but we can wish for spring!