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Sunday, January 23, 2011

...the lovely smell of (decaff) coffee...

Sat.and Sun morning, after a time for quiet reflection, out comes the cafetiere, hammered metal tray with ivy pattern, and the choice of one of my porcelain coffee mugs from England--all gifts over the years from a dear friend.  The little green pitcher you see is a new addition this year.  I was in a speciality kitchen shop in England and was holding this in my hand (because, of  course it was after all green) and my dear friend said "and you shall have that for your birthday".  And because most of my mugs are floral in some way--this goes perfectly.  You can see how small it is--just enough milk or cream for 3-4 cups.  And it's just so, well, so British to me.

So once the kettle boils and the coffee is ready, I head to my favorite chair (notice why it's my favorite chair...mag light, scissors, needles...) and sip and think. Love that part.
Happy Sunday to all

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  1. Ohhh, all the makings of a perfect day... enjoy!