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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More finished and a fun little thing!

             Finished stitching this piece last night and began to hunt for the perfect piece of fabric for another project -- a gorgeous Iris -- think I've found the perfect
color and will post that tomorrow.  It calls for both Anchor and DMC and when I received the Anchor threads I had to order I had a quick intake of breath as they are so beautiful.  I seem to be having a "mom" thing going on at the  moment as the Iris was one of her favorite flowers and I've been looking for just the right pattern for a long time.  Will show you tomorrow.

Little House "Hope" on 28 count. 2nd finish in this
series and saw that #3 is out so will have to do it!
I added cranberry beads to the snowflake and at
several points in the border to replace the cross stitch.
Also used "Whisper" for the sheep --still need to fluff her up
a bit.  Am really liking these.

The beads!
Saw this little fella at my fav antique place and my
first thought --- scissors!  Also I have a lovely frog
with scissors, had been wanted to change it and this seemed fun.

                                    I still have enough scissors left for my frog so
                               everyone's happy!


  1. Hope is really pretty! Your peacock "scissor" frog is fantastic! How fun!

  2. Oh! That little bird is fun! Congrats on finishing hope!

  3. Thanks ladies. I don't know about you, but I go through these periods thinking I'm going to give up stitching, but then get caught by so many that "I just have to do" that the love affair continues!

  4. Congrats on your adorable finish. Love the scissor frog, too!

  5. Love your finish! And darling scissor frog!