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Sunday, March 24, 2013

I realized I just don't have the wall space to frame,hang/store all the larger projects I'd like to stitch --one of which is Christmas at Hawk Run.

So I'm going to do the images as individual ornaments, then finish them using the same backing materials to give them a somewhat coordinated look.  The song that runs through this
"I heard the bells" was my Mom's favorite.  She sang in the church choir and had a lovely, rich alto voice.  We went to Christmas service for the last time together before I moved to England in 1979 and she asked me to sing for her at that service.  Because of her cancer treatments, she was no longer able to.

Her favorite verse in this song is "Now peal the bells more loud and sweet
God is not dead, nor doth He sleep.  The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,with
peach on earth good will to men." It was the sweetest time together. When she died two years later while I was still in England, I was thankful for all wonderful memories of our times together, but even more of the examples in her life that pointed to her deep conviction that God is a God of love who's eye is always on the one thought least of.  She was deeply compassionate, full of fun and tremendously committed to all six of us kids.  Even after 20+ years, I miss her.  But am so grateful to have had the opportunity to know her and to have been loved by her.  Wow, did not intend to write any of this.  Thanks Mom.

May your fingers be flying...Peg


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  2. This finish will be a beautiful tribute to your mother. Thank you for sharing your memories. Have a blessed day.

  3. This pattern will be a perfect way to honor a beautiful memory. I love the idea of how you will finish it and look forward to seeing it finished. Our moms are never really gone as they live on in our hearts, memories and the stories we tell about them. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful memory,


  4. Such a sweet testimony for your mother! I think we'll always miss them no matter how many years. This is a lovely idea to do with this chart. Can't wait to see it!

  5. I still have not figured out how to reply to people individually--so thank you each one for taking time to comment. I was about to launch out on this at Monday night stitch and good stitcher friend Barbara pointed out something about the fabric I had chosen that meant I have to find something else. Thank heaven for stitching buddies!

  6. Perhaps you have not set up comments to come to your email account. If you do, then you just reply to our emails. Meanwhile, I also love that song... I have it on my computer, my IPod and my phone! Casting Crowns did a beautiful version of it, which is my fave. Looking forward to seeing your creations... Hugs!