One of my first --years ago

Sunday, December 4, 2011

So after that short night I decided to...

                           For some time I've wanted to make my own little tags to put on the
                             back of each gift.  And I want my "design name" to be Little Bird Designs.
                           So after many months of looking I finally found this little Chickadee stamp and
                             from there began to collect other elements I might make work.  So today it
                             all began and you can see the initial gathering of materials (above)
                                          Ok--so we all have to start somewhere!  My 1st attempt.
                                           Then I remembered I had a hot glue gun!
                                                 So in the second attempt things are sticking better
                                              than they did with the glue stick...anyone surprised?!
                                         Then I remembered I had these fun paper cutting scissors AND
                                         some ribbon that would just keeps getting better
                                                     So top tag is beginners scrambling attempts, bottom is
                                               almost finished. Now I have to print out what I want to
                                               say, make the edges pretty, and hot glue it on.
                                        What's fun about this is that it's all new to me so the discovery of
                                           what's possible is never ending. 
May you discover joy today, right where you are...Peg


  1. Aren't you the clever one! Your gift recipients are sure to appreciate the extra love put into them.

  2. Oh Peg, your tags are so adorable, the perfect personal touch to your gifts!

  3. These tags are beautiful.
    I am so glad to have found your blog!

  4. Oh you are so creative! They are adorable.