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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's 2:30 am

Okay, so it's 2:30 and here I am whizzing around all of your blogs, getting all inspired. Have to tell myself NOT to get up and start looking for new projects to start--heaven knows there are enough to finish.  I think tomorrow I'll take some time and do some picture updating.  I bought a little journal to keep a list of "finishes" and as I was going through it one day realized what really motivates me to stitch is when I have a person in mind for the project, so have given away a lot of what I've done.

Leaving on Dec.14 for London for a 3 week stay. I lived there for 16 years and never thought I'd move back to the US.  It is still always home for me at Christmas.  However--this one bag rule on planes is a drag--really limits the projects (much less the clothes).  Was thinking this year I'd blow caution to the wind and pay for the second bag so I wouldn't have to choose!  Trouble is, one bag has certainly been much easier to haul around than two!  What  a small, insignificant inconvenience.

Today was such a wonderful day--began with a time of recollection, then off to the gym, then into the garden (yard) to plant some bulbs, pull some weeds, spread some mulch. Then off to the office where I could find the perfect quiet space to work on my personal budget.

Dinner with friends, then, finally, stitching. I'd gone off it for a little while and actually wondered if it was just time to move on.  Then picked up a project tonight and the juices started to flow again.
But because time seems at such a premium just now, I think I have to work on something I really want to complete so will see about choosing that one tomorrow.  I have several larger projects started and feel like it's time to see some finishes again!

See what happens at 2:30am?  
When I was a nurse working night shifts we used to say  we could talk about everything but sex, religion and politics because there were too controversial.  So what do you think we'd talk about at this hour of the morning---you got it! 

So time to shut off the computer, turn off the light, pull the covers up, punch the pillow, lay my head down and sigh with thankfulness that I live in a warm home in a country where no bombs are falling.

I'm thankful for a loving Father who has provided me these many years not only with my basic needs, but with joys and pleasures and unexpected things in my days.  So as I lay my head down, I do it with a thankful heart, knowing that there is One who loves me more than life, who has watched over me all these years, who has guarded and guided my steps even when I've lacked understanding.  Counting my blessings--so much better than sheep.

may your heart rest quietly this night..Peg


  1. Seems like youve got your agenda in order. Have a fabulous holiday in London. I was there once for four weeks and have always wanted to go back. And yes it is a bummer you can't take several projects! Drat! Do enjoy your time.

  2. Great post Peg!! Safe journeys to you as you travel during the holidays - can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Beautiful, thankful sentiments. Have a wonderful trip!