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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A new day

Monday night stitching was fun and a good group showed up.  We've recently taken up residence in a Mickey D's that has a room where we can shut the door.  We all buy dinner so feel we pay our 'rent' for the space.  Last night we just beat the ladies from Avon who were going to have a meeting there too : needles vs perfume bottles --no wonder we won.
    Thank you for all your kind comments about the ribbons--the suggestion to use them for earrings got me to thinking...
     It also put me in the mood to start the project for next year.  I'm going to spend some time reading the entry requirements and see what categories I can enter next year and we're talking about it among the group, so hopefully there will be a lot more folks next year.

may your fingers be flying...Peg


  1. Needles vs. Perfume Bottles -- too funny!!

  2. Yep ~ the needles vs. perfume bottles is funny!
    I'm sure you will win big next year!!!
    Prim Blessings