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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sisters and...

I come from a large family--4 sisters--those are them in my profile pic (I'm second from the left) and a brother (someone he's never around at photo time).  Today we're all thinking of and praying for my niece and her husband who are expecting their first child.  She' have contractions but "Bean" as they've called it all these months, is not quite willing to join us just yet. So they told her to walk for an get the picture.  So I'm praying for her, and her precious bundle, that all will go well with them.   I feel so blessed to have been born into this family and realize not everyone has been so fortunate in their lives.

may your fingers be flying...Peg


  1. I pray that everything will go well and you'll all soon have a precious bundle of joy to and spoil!

  2. Sending positive thoughts your way for a safe delivery of your new little niece/nephew!

  3. Thoughts are going your way that your niece has her bundle of joy soon ~ and everything goes well for her and the little one!
    Prim Blessings