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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The excitement is mounting, for me at least...the longest project in my stash is at the framers.  I've seen it with the mat cut out and ready to place and can't believe what a load lifted seeing that finished.  It's as though someone gave me new life for new projects and stitching is so much fun.  Have thought a lot about the whole 'stash' thing and am discovering for me that too much is actually a burden---I keep thinking of all those unfinished projects!  So have decided for the next little while to be content and really use what I've already bought.  When through everything again last week and weeded out lots of stuff I got on impulse then realized I'll never touch. Gave it to a charity shop.  A fun thing would be for all  of us to clean our stash, have a great big get together free for all--take what you like day!  Recycling among friends....which is what the give aways on the blog are in miniature I guess! So--I hope the next pic posted will be the framed "longest piece in history"!

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