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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Woke early this morning and it seemed a great day to do a little unscheduled garage sale shopping and found  a lady who was getting out of beading.  I don't bead--but these are my "find of the day".  I've gotten hooked on pin cushions and realized some interesting hat pin type pins would be really nice but they aren't so easy to find.  So I began to examine how some of the decorative pins sold to cross stitchers are made and realized I could do this.  I got these for a song...and went staight to JoAnn's to buy 3" quilters needles--they're strong and I want these to last!  So this is one of the projects I'll be doing the week I get my cartiledge "fixed" and can't run around quite so much! What fun!

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  1. You DID score a real find~~ I always enjoy making the pins...I am not as creatie as most but when you can custom make them, you will enjoy how they come together~~ I hope to go to LDzy in 2 Mon nights~~