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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

IF I could get them off my phone....

Chose one frame today, it should arrive Friday for the over 1 that's going in this year's fair.  Then had
a dilemma over the frame for my Historical Sampler "Christmas Pots" -- could go kinda funky or traditional. Kinda Funky is the one I really like, but wanted to share them so you could vote.... will keep trying!

Just went through every piece of fabric where I've started a project.  Trying to prioritize what I'd really like to see completed and that is so  hard to do as I love them all!

Listening to politics a lot these days, hard to avoid unless you turn off all forms of communication. What I long is that we would listen to each other -- whatever our views or party or prejudices.  Having lived in England for so long, then returning to the US, I found neither party quite the same as the one I supported. So I like this about one party and that about the other.  Dilemma!  How bout you?

may your fingers be flying...Peg

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