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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love from my Garden

I've finally gotten back into stitching and am so glad! Now have 3 or 4 things to be finished 1 of which I'll enter into the State Fair for the first time simply for the fun of it as well as to keep cross stitch in
the public eye. 

Re: finishes--I cannot believe how  talented you ladies are-- I LOVE seeing all of your creative, interesting finishes. I'd love to have the time to attend a weekend long session with a few good finishers as it would be such a great experience to learn some of your techniques hands on.  Have to say the online tutorials by The Twisted Stitcher are beautifully done.  The detailed instructions she gives makes even a person like me--not much sewing experience--realize I can do it too!

                Today is the one day and this is the one moment we have--live it fully and enjoy it well.

may your fingers be flying...Peg

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