One of my first --years ago

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I won't bore you by posting the same pic of the project I've been working on forEVER BUT--I can see
the finished pillow at the end of the crosses.  A number of things have come to mind while working on
THIS ONE PROJECT in an effort to finish it:

1.  I enjoy large projects in general
2.  I enjoy completing large projects
3.  I need far less stash than I thought I did
4.  It's fun, after asking myself 30-40 times if I really believe I won't ever stitch this pattern--to give
      it away.
5.  It's a joy to be content and thankful for what I have, for fingers that work, eyes that see and a mind
     that can appreciate what another person took so much time, thought and care to create.

In  slowing down to finish rather than speeding on to the next and the next and the next I've found more enjoyment in the time I have to stitch.  The monkey on the back whispering "start this one--start that one" has gone to live with someone else (at least for now---I have a feeling this spell will pass and he/she will return!)

So a thank you to Jayne--originator of Up for the Challenge--- while everyone else is merrily posting their many finishes--and after getting through the panic of being left way behind...I'm still stuck like glue to this first one---14 more to go to meet the challenge by the end of the year...and I look forward to doing it one stitch at a time!

may your fingers be flying...Peg


  1. I always find that I enjoy whatever I'm currently stitching. It's hard to put a project down! Congrats for staying in the moment and enjoying every stitch!

  2. I have enjoyed stitching the Crazy 15 Start Challenge, but, I admit, I'll be happy to go back to only having 2 or 3 started at a time. I like having a big project and an "easy" project going at the same time, so I can choose what looks good when I sit down to stitch, and then I also like to have a small travel project like an ornament or a bookmark that I can stitch on in the car. Right now having 9 ufo's is starting to weigh on me!! :-)

  3. Enjoy the journey~~ Its not about 'winning' with a bunch of finishes... Work on those large projects and enjoy every single stitch!!

  4. I'm glad you remember the challenge is supposed to be fun - It's all about the journey isn't it !!!!Happy Stitching :)

    Enjoy your weekend ;)

  5. Glad you are enjoying your project! We do stitch because we love to and sometimes we do forget that in the need to finish one project in order to go on to the next.

    May you keep enjoying the moment!

  6. I'm glad you are enjoying your project one stitch at a time. I have just recently started the challenge and am more along the lines of you... enjoying the journey and not the race.

    Happy stitching

  7. Oh Peg, thank you for this post..I needed this post. Not because I was rushing to finish this or that, but because I have felt the same way. I've been rushing and not getting anything done. I like to finish things but what I really enjoy is the stitching. At this stage of my life, rushing is not an option.
    thanks for sharing.

  8. The journey is always what counts - but very thought provoking, nonetheless. Can be applied to life, too... :)