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Saturday, March 12, 2011

moving right along...

Top pic is Kaleidoscope Flower where I've finished the outer border and the lighter green border.  I ran out of the darker variegated outer border thread (wouldn't you know it) so tried another variegated color  to finish the interior--but if you look at pic #2 going from left to right that third dark color
doesn't work as well as I hoped. So I'll ripe that out while I wait for the correct color (ordered from Nordic Needle) to arrive.  AND it was a good excuse to pick up the TW 12 days of Christmas.  I've finished all of the "On the _ day and will begin to put in all the "of Christmas" along the right sides until all the words are done around the outside of each box.  THEN I'll tackle the pictures inside.  These are the projects I chose to finish this year for the 'finish what you've started' challenge.  I almost quit a couple of times, but am now finding it very gratifying to quietly and purposefully stitch away at these UFO's with growing anticipation of crossing the finish line sooner rather than later!
may your fingers be flying...Peg


  1. I really love the look of Kaleidoscope Flower, no matter what colors you are using. I don't know what it calls for, so it looks great to me! Hugs.

  2. OHG are your WIPs amazing. Kaleidoscope Flower is just amazing. I agree with Margaret - it would not matter what threads were called for - it's a beautiful piece. And I'll look forward to your progress on your TW piece. I've never finished a piece of hers and it will be fun to watch your progress.

  3. Great progress on both pieces, Peg! Kaleidoscope is amazing - truly going to be a spectacular piece when it's done (heck, it is already!). Hope your floss arrives soon. The 12 days piece is looking good - I'm enjoying your progress!

  4. Wow! Your Kaleidoscope Flower is fabulous. I will be watching your progress and can't wait to see what how you progress.

  5. Peg, both of these look fantastic!