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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


At Monday night stitching we were talking about all our UFO's, then began talking about keeping records of what we were stitching, finishing, etc and the subject of frames came up. It was there I got the idea to measure the "viewing" size of each of the frames in my stash and keep a record so I could begin to make some stitching choices based on available frames--of which I have a few.  Just before our LNS closed I had glass cut for all the ones I'd picked up at where ever at 25 cents so all of these are good to go and just waiting for the perfect piece.
hoping your fingers are flying....Peg


  1. Wow! I have NONE in my stash! But I hope to go around to estate sales and garage sales this year to find a few! Hugs.

  2. What a neat idea. I have a ton of frames I picked up years ago from my LNS when they went out of businss....maybe making a record will allow me to actually use them!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your Blog...your stitching and all of your photos...I am now one of your followers. I too have a is the link:


  4. I do the same thing with frames...pick them up at the goodwill store in hopes that they will be perfect for 'some project'.....and they usually are!!!!!I keep track of all of my stitching!

  5. Great idea!! I also need to inventory my frames and keep the list on hand....using what you've go....LOVE IT!~ Faye

  6. I have many frames too.
    I just wish some of the designs would fit in the frame suited :(
    I am having fun browsing your blog.

  7. I have a tons of frames, too! I've got a plastic bin of vintage frames I've collected over the years.