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Monday, December 6, 2010

Learning to Frame

Pics to come...spent the day at a friend's yesterday getting lesson #2 in framing--and received my diploma!  I'm now officially certified as 'able to do my own framing on my own'. She's a really good, patient teacher, and exacting that the piece be really centered.  We also got into the discussion of glass/no glass. She's definitely a 'glass' person while another friend is a no-glass. I'm on the fence---what have you all found for yourselves?

Our weekly MOnday night meeting place, The Lazy Daisy, is closing after 28 years in business! The last day is Dec. 18th so we've all been popping in and out for those last 'build up the stash' items. I spent some time last night going through what I really think I should get as opposed to that feeling that the next closest cross stitch store is something like 2 hours away.  The only thing for me is the fabric--I really have to see it, feel it, see the threads on it, before I can buy it---that's the only drawback to buying colored fabric on the net--white no problema.

The other thing I'm working on is getting together my "finish 15 in 2011" list of WIP and just about have it.  Because I started T.Wenzler's 12 Days of Christmas--I only have to choose 3 other projects to complete the list. There...I think I completed it as I was typing! Thanks for helping me thinking it through while writing to you all!  Happy, precious day to you.


  1. So your certified now eh? lol Personally, I use glass simply because you know how people always what that touchy, feely sort of look at any stitching and a finger print on glass is far easier to remove.
    The TWD 12 days is a good way to get to 15 quickly too. All of her work is absolutely gorgeous so I can't wait to see them in action.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. I am sad about the Laizy Daisy too!!! What in the world will we do?? I have been relying on her to send my BBD Anniveraries of the Heart series along with the threads for them... I understand though...28 yrs is a LONG time! Sorry I am not living in Raleigh so I can go stock up~~ Take care, Faye

  3. It is sad to lose this shop. There are too few any more.
    I am interested to see what your January challenge list is going to look like. I am not focused enough to try this one :)