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Monday, November 15, 2010

Need to keep the camera close

Have been working on another Christmas present--this one associated with Mooses.  Decided I really like finishing something completely so got out my sewing machine last night and went to work--and for me it was quite a workout.  After adding the backing, stuffing and a hanger, I decided to let it sit for a day and was glad as I realized I had bought the cutest Tree shaped buttons and it would be a perfect finishing touch to have one in each corner. So those will go on sometime this week, then I'll post it.
  Had a great night at Monday night stitching with 'the girl's'. I love the part where different ones show
what they finished during the week---so many great ideas!  Then it never fails that in conversation I learn
another new trick--another way to approach a design.  Tonight we decided we should be contacting designers as it seems so many of us swap out the fabric suggested for something else and it almost always makes the piece "pop".  I suppose it's true that designers try to choose fabric that's the easiest
to get hold of for the greatest number of people...makes sense!  But we do love to change fabrics and colors and whatever else we've a mind to!  Enjoy you're tomorrow. I'm off to my lovely, comfy bed...


  1. Hello Nancy!
    Just found your blog through Nancy's Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I am so glad to have found you both here in blogland and look forward to seeing even more of your beautiful stitching!

  2. It seems I have not had enough coffee.....I know your name is PEG because that is also MY name. where did I put my cup???