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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Christmas Gift Almost complete

About 2 years ago I did a large piece of needlework for a friend. It was done almost like a page from an illuminated manuscript.  I vowed never to repeat a project like that....however...Several months later he came to me with a phrase that was dear to him and asked if I ever felt like doing another one, he would like this phrase done in the same way.  I put it away thinking "well that will never happen".  Enter the hummingbird!  A few weeks ago I had a clear sense I needed to do this as a surpise Christmas gift.  BUT--no pattern, so made one up using the alaphabet and images from the original pattern.  And this one seemed way easier--I guess the first was a really stiff learning curve.  The little bird here is done in glisen threads so adds real sparkle.

This is the first letter of the first word Greet--the gold is --for the life of me all I can think for the moment is "glisten" fiber---you know what I mean! So it looks like lettering in an illuminated manuscript. (This is on 28ct. linen)

Almost finished---I was thinking of adding something between the lines like smyrna crosses, didn't like them--tried some other things as well, but kept coming back to the simplicity of it and that felt right.  (you can faintly see pins still stuck in vertically where I was going to add something.)  I'll press it this week and take it to the framers.  Will show you the completed project then.

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  1. This is beautiful Peg - both the stitching and the sentiment.

    It's sure to be a treasured gift!